There could be several thousand living descendants of Painter Weidenbach. According to the pattern of immigration of his family, a large number of the descendants would be located in Australia with lesser numbers in Germany and the USA. The purpose of this section is to summarise some of the data on dispersion of the family and to invite others to supply additional published or publishable material which can be referenced on this website.

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Richard and Bertha Weidenbach, 1891

Richard Weidenbach and his adopted daughter Lottchen in Melbourne. It is thought that the photo dates from about 1908, a year or two after his wife Bertha died.

weidenbach family photos


Paul Johanna and Oswald Weidenbach

Paul Weidenbach and Johanna Weidenbach (née Schaffrath) and their son Oswald. ca 1900.

weidenbach family photos


Oswald Weidenbach 1896

Oswald Weidenbach 1896.

weidenbach family photos


Oswald Weidenbach and family 1952

Oswald Weidenbach and Margarethe Weidenbach (née Godglück) and their children Iris and Ingo, 1952.

weidenbach family photos


Iris Fitzpatrick, Pat Wallace and Ingo Weidenbach 2008

Iris Fitzpatrick (née Weidenbach), 4th Cousin Pat Wallace and Ingo Weidenbach, 2008.

weidenbach family photos


1st GENERATION         2nd GENERATION          3rd GENERATION


It appears that three Weidenbach sons remained in Germany: Gustav (1813 to >1881); Theodor Ernst (1818 to 1884); and Heinrich Adolf (1820 to >1856). Of these, we only have significant information about Ernst’s descendants.

WD.1.1. Gustav Weidenbach. (for more detail select the link "Gustav" at the top of the page)

Son of Friedrich August Weidenbach (for more detail select the link "Friedrich August" at the top of the page)
Born 1813, Chemnitz – moved to Naumburg 1817 – left for Halle University 1835 – married 18?? – critically ill in Germany 23/2/1881 – probably died shortly after but certainly dead in 1891.

Children: 2 survived. The only information about the family is the names of the two sons in a letter from their uncle Louis in Philadelphia in 1891.
      WD.1.1.1 Johannes Weidenbach – (??)
      WD.1.1.2 Georg Weidenbach – (??)

WD.1.3. Heinrich Adolf Weidenbach,
lithographer. (for more detail select the link "Heinrich Adolf" at the top of the page)

Son of Friedrich August Weidenbach (for more detail select the link "Friedrich August" at the top of the page)
Born 20/11/1820, Naumburg an der Saale – moved to Bremen 1851 – presumed to have travelled to England in March 1856.

Children: ???? In official Prussian records of his movements between 1851 and 1856 there is no reference to a wife or family.

WD.1.2. Theodor Ernst Weidenbach, artist. (for more detail select the link "Ernst & Maximilian" at the top of the page)

Son of Friedrich August Weidenbach (for more detail select the link "Friedrich August" at the top of the page)
Born 14/12/1818, Naumburg an der Saale – member of Lepsius’ Egyptian expeditions 1842-45 and 1878 – associate worker at Berlin Museums 1845-1878 – died Merseburg 14/9/84.
Married at Merseburg on 27/10/1846 to Erica Caroline Steubecke, born 19/4/1819 in Droyßig, Saxony.

Children: (5)
      WD.1.2.1 Richard Weidenbach born Berlin (before 1849 )
      WD.1.2.2 Paul Max Weidenbach born Berlin 13/4/1849
      WD.1.2.3 Otto Albert christened Berlin 16/12/1855 - deceased early?
      WD.1.2.4  Anna Maria Louise (Annaliese) Weidenbach born Berlin 8/3/1857
      WD 1.2.5 Clara Maria christened 8/5/1859 - deceased early?

Ernst Weidenbach's Family Tree   compiled by Don Elks and Ingo Weidenbach.

Pls click on the image below to see a legible copy of the family tree

Ernst Weidenbach's Family Tree
Ingo Weidenbach 18_07_2013


WD.1.2.1 Richard Weidenbach.

Son of WD.1.2. Theodor Ernst Weidenbach
Born before 1849. A family photo shows their adopted daughter Lottchen (aged about 4) in Berlin in September 1897. They moved from Berlin to Melbourne, Australia in 1898/99. Resident 5 Lewis St North Brighton (Melbourne) 20/6/1906. The last known record of Richard is a studio photo of him in Melbourne in 1910.

Richard was married in (18??) to Bertha (Emma Bertha Louise Susette) Wagener, who was born in July 1858 in Berlin and was daughter of August Wagener (Gentleman) and Friedericke (née Hausenfelden).

In a letter written in the Tyrol in 1899 by Richard’s brother Paul’s wife Johanna there is reference to Richard and Bertha (who were obviously living then in Australia) as being pensioners who had inherited “.. all that money in their young years and wasted it all.” 

In June 1906 Bertha wrote the attached letter to her in-laws, Paul and Johanna Weidenbach in Dresden, saying that she was ill and they were living in North Brighton, Melbourne in poverty. On 11/9/1906 Bertha died of Cancer of the Liver.

Children: A photo taken in Berlin in September 1897 shows their adopted daughter Lottchen aged about four years. In a letter from Ernst Pustkuchen to Paula Weidenbach it appears that Lottchen was living with her parents in Australia in June 1900. Two more photos show Lottchen (9 or 10 years old) with an ill looking Bertha in the garden of their home on 10/10/1904 and a studio photo of Lottchen and Richard circa 1907-08.

WD.1.2.3 Anneliese Weidenbach.

Daughter of WD.1.2. Theodor Ernst Weidenbach
Born 8/31857 in (Berlin??). Died (19??)
Married 12/5/1883 Dr Alwin Christian Mansfeldt, Merseburg, Family lived in Goslar..

Children: 3
      WD. Marie Margarethe born 23/4/1886 Goslar, died 5/1/52 Kirchain Bez. Kassel. Married 8/10/1907 Wilhelm Franz Jung, Goslar - they had a daughter in May 1941 at Kirchain and a second daughter Gretel born on 29/10/1908.
      WD. Curt Max Mansfeldt born 22/4/1888, Goslar nad died 29/10/1978 in Han. Münden
      WD. Annalise Gertrude (Gretchen/Grete) Mansfeldt born 22/4/1894 Goslar and died 14/10/1980 in Han. Münden.

WD.1.2.2 Paul Max Weidenbach.

Son of WD.1.2. Theodor Ernst Weidenbach
Born 13/4/1849 in Berlin. Died 5/7/1909 in Dresden
Married in (18??) to Johanna Thekla Schaffrath who was born 24/5/1851 in Neustadt, Sachsen and died 9/4/1916 in Dresden.

Children: 2
        WD. Oswald Weidenbach born 4/3/1876
        WD. Lisbeth born 1875 Dresden deceased 28/3/1876 Dresden


WD. Oswald Weidenbach.

Born 4/3/1876 in Dresden, died 3/8/1957 in Giessen
Married in (18??) to Johanna Felicitas Pekrun who was born 18/1/1884 in Dresden and died 14/1/1939 in Giessen.
Children 1 Karen "Bobi" Weidenbach, born 16/12/1907 in Giessen, died 7/10/1995 in Wiesbaden. Married 22/6/1938 Otto Burgatzky - no children
Remarried, 13/12/1940 in Giessen to Margarete Godglück who was born 27/7/1918 in Giessen and died 15/9/1993 in Marktheidenfeld.

Children 2
      WD. Ingo Weidenbach, born in 1941 in Giessen. In 2012 he is  living in Langgöns, near Giessen, north of Frankfurt.
      WD. Iris Fitzpatrick (born Weidenbach) who was born in Giessen in 1943. In 2012 she is living in Linz am Rhein near Bonn. Iris went on a vacation to the US in July of 1969. She stayed there, got married in 1970 and divorced in 1996. She has one daughter, Elaine. Iris retired from her job as an ICU and dialysis nurse in 2008 and moved back to Germany.

( to be continued )

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Six members of the Weidenbach famil;y emigrated to South Australia: Moritz, Max, and Julius and cousins August, Gustav and Sophia.

Neither Max nor Julius nor cousin August had children. On the other hand Moritz had nine children, cousin Gustav had fourteen children and Sophia had three children.

Peter Scotland details the Weidenbach family tree in Germany and through the succeeding Australian generations on his website: 

 WAUS.1.1 Friedrich Moritz Weidenbach

Benno Weidenbach (1844-1917);

  Anna Bartels née Weidenbach (1846-1910); some family details are given on the the website

 Maximilian Weidenbach (1847-1886);

 Pauline Oceana Pustkuchen née Weidenbach (1848-1929); From 1891 to 1894 Pauline, her husband Ernst Pustkuchen and son Leo lived in Germany and maintained close contact with Paul Weidenbach, the son of Ernst. The Pustkuchen family history is well documented. In 1988 O.E. Pustkuchen published "Chronicon - The Family Pustkuchen".  Peter Scotland details the Pustkuchen family tree at:

Edwin Weidenbach (1852-1927);

Selma Clausen née Weidenbach (1853-1931); some family details are given on the the website  

Diosma Laura Weidenbach (1854-1857);

Clara Weidenbach ( ??? );

Julius Weidenbach (185?-1948?).


WAUS.1.2. Gustav Adolph Weidenbach

see also: The descendants of Gustav Adolph Weidenbach  (compiled by Serena Docking and Sandra Telford)

Gustav Adolph Traugott Weidenbach (1855 - ????)

Mary Clara Docking née Weidenbach (1856?- ????)

Anna Elizabeth Schilling née Weidenbach (1857-1959)

Gustav Heinrich (Henry) Weidenbach (1859-1922)

Carl (Charles) Richard Weidenbach (1861- ????)

Friedrich August Weidenbach (1862-before 1896)

Max Hermann Weidenbach (1864- ????)

Gustav Hermann Weidenbach (1865- ????)

Louisa Helena (Helene Louise) Benson née Weidenbach (1868-1959)

[Pauline Clara (Clara Pauline) Symons née Weidenbach (1869- ????)

Alwin Benno Weidenbach (1872- ????)

Ernest Edward Weidenbach (1875- ????)

Emma Helene Price née Weidenbach (1877- ????)

George Albert Weidenbach (1881- ????)


WAUS.1.3. Sophia Lange (née Weidenbach)

Carl Emiel Lange (1855- ????)

Sophie Emilie Lange (1857- ????)

Louisa Lange (1860- ????)

( to be continued )

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The two Weidenbach sons known to have migrated to the USA were:

WUSA.1.1. Karl Augustus Weidenbach, artist.

Son of Friedrich August Weidenbach  (for more detail select the link "Friedrich August" at the top of the page)
Born 25/5/1825, Naumburg an der Saale – emigrated to USA between 1850 & 1853 – resident Baltimore, Maryland 1864 and 1870 – died 1887- 1890.
Married at ??? on ??? to Frederika .…… – who was born in Germany 1825 & emigrated to USA 1845 – died 3/6/1908 Manhattan, N.Y..

Children: 3 born, 2 survived.
      WUSA.1.1.1 Edward Weidenbach – born Maryland, Nov. 1859
      WUSA.1.1.2 Laura Weidenbach – born Maryland, March 1861

WUSA.1.2. Eduard Ludwig (Louis) Weidenbach, artist and teacher.

Son of Friedrich August Weidenbach   (for more detail select the link "Friedrich August" at the top of the page)
Born 22/2/1834, Naumburg an der Saale – emigrated to USA with wife Wilhelmine in 1866 – resident Baltimore, Maryland 1870 and Philadelphia, Pa., 1891 & 1900 – died before 1910.
Married at Naumburg on ??? to Friederika Wilhelmine Eleonore …… – who was born Naumburg 1842 - emigrated to USA with Louis 1860 – resident Philadelphia 1900 & 1910 – died before 1920??

Children: 1 born, 1 survived.
      WUSA.1.2.1 Rudolph Weidenbach – born Pennsylvania, Dec. 1876


WUSA.1.1.1 Edward Weidenbach,  merchant, groceries.

Son of WUSA.1.1. Karl Augustus Weidenbach   (for more detail select the link "Karl Augustus" at the top of the page)

Born Nov. 1859 Maryland – resident Manhattan, N.Y. 1891, 1900, 1908, 1910 – died ?
Married in 1889 to Hattie M. Strauss who was born 1862 in Kentucky and was daughter of Bertha Strauss who was born in Germany in Jan. 1836 and migrated to USA in 1885.

Children: No children born up until 1910. No later record of Edward or Hattie.

WUSA.1.1.2 Laura Weidenbach (Perez)

Daughter of WUSA.1.1. Karl Augustus Weidenbach   (for more detail select the link "Karl Augustus" at the top of the page)
Born March 1861 Maryland, married a Peruvian in 1881 - resident New York 1883 & 1885, New Jersey 1888, Peru 1890, New York 1893, Manhattan NY 1900, 1910 and 1930 – divorced before 1910.
Married in 1881 to Mr. ???? Perez from Peru, divorced before 1910.

Children: 5 born, 5 living in 1900.
     WUSA. Elinor R Perez – born New York, Oct 1883
     WUSA. Carlos M Perez – born New York, July 1885
     WUSA. Evelyn C Perez – born New Jersey, July 1887
     WUSA. Laurita V Perez – born Peru March, 1890
     WUSA. Helen H Perez – born New York, June 1892

In 1900 Edward was living at 298 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan with his wife Hattie, his widowed mother Frederika, his mother-in-law Bertha, his sister Laura and her five schoolchildren and two Irish maids.
In 1910 Laura lived at 167 West 118th St Manhattan with her children
In 1930 Laura lived with he daughter Eleanor at 430 Wandsworth Av. Manhattan.

WUSA.1.2.1 Rudolph Weidenbach,  postal worker.

Son of WUSA.1.2. Louis Weidenbach  (for more detail select the link "Eduard Ludwig" at the top of the page)
Born in Pennsylvania in Dec 1876 – resident Philadelphia 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 – died?
Married in 1922 to Emily H. …….. , who was born in Rhineland Westphalia, Germany in about 1876 and migrated to the USA in 1896.

Children: In 1930 there were no children.


USA Federal Census 1900 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6/6/1900
USA Federal Census 1910 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19/4/1910
USA Federal Census 1920 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1920
USA Federal Census 1930 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5/4/1930
USA Federal Census 1900 – Manhattan Borough, N.Y. City
USA Federal Census 1910 – Manhattan Borough, N.Y. City
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(All available online from

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