Sophia Weidenbach married Carl Lange in about 1855 and had three children. At present we have no direct evidence showing that Sophia was from Naumburg but it is assumed that she was the sister of Gustav Adolph and August Friedrich.

Their father Heinrich Traugott Weidenbach married Dorothea Christiane Nagel and had five children:

 Amalia Augusta: born 9/8/1809, died 16/8/1809 - buried in Naumburg Cathedral Cemetery.

 Dorothea Rosina: born 14/1/1811, died 18/1/1811 of "Stichfluss" (asthma) - buried in Naumburg Cathedral Cemetery.

  Johanna Eleanora: born 8/12/1811 .... ( It is assumed that this is the same person as Sophia Henrietta Johanna / Sophie Emily Weidenbach who      married Carl Lange in Australia)

 Gustav Adolph: born 16/3/1820 ...... emigrated to Australia 1849.

 August Friedrich: born 19/6/1821 ..... emigrated to Australia 1846. August and Gustav Weidenbach

On the birth certificates of Carl Lange's three children his wife is called: "Sophia Henrietta Johanna Weidenbach"; "Sophie Emily Weidenbach" and "Sophie Weidenbach". Johanna's grandmother was called Sophie.

Pamela Illert has kindly provided the following summary:

In 1846, (at age 25) August Friedrich Weidenbach emigrated to Australia aboard the Pauline departing 30 May 1846 from the Port of Bremen arriving 27 September 1846 at Port Adelaide.

Joh Lange (born 1831, age 15) from Grohn is listed on the Pauline Ships Crew List as mustered into service on 03 June 1846 for the journey from Bremen to Port Adelaide. (He must have worked his passage). The passenger shipping list includes his name but has (n/a) with regard to other details about him.

Also on that ship were Friedrich Wilhelm Berling (listed as age 51 and a cabinet maker), Wilhelmina Berling (age n/a and presumably his daughter) and Gustaphus Friedrich Adolphus Berling (age 14). (August Weidenbach and Wilhelmina Berling later married in South Australia).

Sophia Henrietta Johanna / Sophie Emily Weidenbach and Carl Johann Christoff Lange married about 1855 and had 3 children in South Australia.

 1] Carl Emiel Lange (born 10 February 1855 in Adelaide). (Parents are Carl Johann Christoff Lange and Sophia Henrietta Johanna ?).

2] Sophie Emilie Lange (born 17 January 1857 in Adelaide). (Parents are Charles Lange and Sophie Emily Weidenbach).

3] Louisa Lange (born 14 August 1860 in Adelaide). (Parents are Charles Lange and Sophie Weidenbach).

It is also interesting to note that the Weidenbach family estate at Nuriootpa was named Angus Park. Many Weidenbach children were born at Angus Park - including some of the children of our relatives Benno Weidenbach and Minna Illert. Many Lange children were born and Nuriootpa and several were also born at Angus Park. This confirms a close and ongoing connection between the Weidenbach and Lange families.

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A1. Passenger List Extracts         ( from TheShipsList )

The Barque Pauline, 1846.    

Captain Lüder Stelljes, from Bremen, Germany 30th May 1846, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 27th September 1846

Pauline 1846 passenger list

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