The eldest son, Gustav, was born at Chemnitz in 1813 and moved to Naumburg an der Saale with his parents when he was four years old. He matriculated from the Domschule Gymnasium in 1834. In January 1835, at the age of 21 yrs, he left home to attend Halle University. Later he taught at the City School in Dresden. In 1881 Gustav was living with his wife Emilie and children in Germany and was gravely ill.

In an 1891 letter written by his youngest brother Louis, from Philadephia U.S.A. to a nephew in Dresden, there is reference to "Johannes and Georg the two sons of your deceased uncle Gustav" and a query as to whether "uncle Gustav's widow is still alive". While there is no specific reference to where they were living it does appear that Louis could have believed that they were in Germany.

Georg Gustav must not be confused with his cousin Gustav Adolph who migrated to South Australia in 1849.

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A1. The following data has been extracted from the Naumburg "Inhabitants Book" by Dr Siegfried Wagner, Director of Naumburg Stadtmuseum and Frau Susanne Kröner, Head of Naumburg Town Archives.

Einwohnerbuch Naumburg T-Z 1826-1840; 1841-1850; 1851

Lfd. Nr. 431: Weidenbach Gustav (Sohn von 429). *1.8.1813 in Chemnitz; Wohnung wie 429,: 27.1.1835 nach Halle auf die Universität.

A2. Data extracted from the archives of the Marien Parish by Werner Happ confirms this data and identifies Augustus Friedrich as a cousin of Painter Weidenbach's son Georg Gustav. ( see "Cousins August and Gustav". )

A3. Diosma Weidenbach's Diary (Tagebuch) entry for Adelaide, 23rd February 1881: "Wir haben aus Deutschland gehört, dass Gustav und Ernst nicht mehr lange leben werden. Wie traurig für ihre Frauen Emilie und Erica. Ich weiß wie schwer es ist, wenn der Vater den Kindern verloren geht." (We have heard from Germany that Gustav and Ernst will not live much longer. How sad for their wives Emilie and Erica. I know how difficult it is when the father of the children is missing. "  (kw translation)

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