The second youngest son of Painter Weidenbach, Julius Clemens, was born in Naumburg an der Saale on the 12th of March, 1829.

 In 1843 when he was 14 years old he moved to Zwickau where his older brother Moritz was the Curator of the Schloßgarten at nearby Planitz. Julius was apprenticed as a landscape gardener.

In 1847 at 18 years of age he emigrated on the ship, HERMAN Von BECKERATH, to Adelaide South Australia where his cousin August, had been living for about a year.

Apparently against the wishes of his father but with the support of Moritz, Julius had left his apprenticeship early and had been taken on board the ship as a gardener for Carl August Sobels. Moritz embarked on the PAULINE with his family about three months later while Julius was still at sea.

On his arrival in Adelaide Julius left Sobels and worked as an agricultural labourer. Two months later on the 6th of February 1848 he died of "bronchitis". Some of the Weidenbach family attributed his death to the harsh conditions under which he had worked since arrival.

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A1. The following data has been extracted from the Naumburg "Inhabitants Book" by Dr Siegfried Wagner, Director of Naumburg Stadtmuseum and Frau Susanne Kröner, Head of Naumburg Town Archives.

Einwohnerbuch Naumburg T-Z 1826-1840; 1841-1850; 1851

Lfd 1067: Weidenbach, Julius Clemens: Sohn des Malers W. *12.3.1829 in Naumburg; 1.10.1839 Haus 790.1.7.1843 nach Zwickau.


A2. Extract from Passenger List, Herman von Beckerath, 1847
 by Dianne Cummings

Julius Weidenbach Ship List

(The August Friedrich who emigrated in 1846 was Julius' cousin, not his elder brother.)

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